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Walleye Chase
(1)   Participation and eligibility

Contestants can enter up (pre-register) up to a 3-person team or and individual can enter in the singles division.  If there are not enough singles (more than two) to have an entire division, they will be moved to and compete against the “teams” division. Any person 8 to 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Observers, spectators or guests may not participate in any way during tournament fishing hours. It is the contestant’s responsibility for knowing and abiding by all local and state regulations. 

(2) Entry info

Teams may consist of up to 3 anglers. Once a 2 or 3-person team is officially pre-registered and entered, team members cannot be changed without penalty.  The penalty assessed will be the loss of the contest arrival points (team will still be awarded consecutive contest points if applicable).  All entries must be made NLT two hours before tournament. Any entries after that time will be charged a $5 late fee.  The team loses points for the cumulative points race for that event.   They may still compete for the season-long event prizes.

(3)   Sportsmanship

Anglers must conduct themselves in a true sportsmanlike manner at all times no exceptions! Courtesy and ethics of the highest standard are the norm, not the exception. Remember that you are not only representing yourself but all tournament anglers and competitive fishing. Any rude or insulting type of behavior will be subject to disqualification or penalties enforced. All teams are required to abide by all boating fishing and tournament rules during the event. If a team receives a citation for breaking a marine or game law during tournament hours the team will be disqualified from the event.

(4) Safety

Safety must be observed at all times. Anglers and spectators under 18 must wear APDF while boat is moving. Each angler is to follow all coast guard regulations with their APDF.

(5)   Boats and equipment

All boats are subject to inspection at any time. A boat stick or ribbon will be given at launch and shall be returned at weigh in.  A group text message will also be established at registration for communication with all boats.  At least one person on the team or in the boat must be part of the event group text message. (Captain).  All boats must conform to the appropriate state and USCG standards. Bait and tackle may not be shared amongst teams during event.

(6)   Fish and fishing

All state fishing regulations and rules will be observed and unless tournament director specifies more stringent regulations. (5 fish) 15” fish competition limit.   A 6 lure or 6 rod limit on all teams and anglers. Both artificial and live bait can be used. All fish are to be kept live and as fresh as possible for the weigh in.  No stringers or wire baskets. Any fish mauled, frozen, injected with water, showing white gills, soft white flesh, or sunken eyes will be disqualified from the event at the event director discretion. Culling of dead fish is prohibited. Arrival of an illegal fish at the weigh-in is a loss of the event points. All anglers must possess a valid fishing license.

(7)   Severe weather rule

In the event of severe weather, the tournament may be canceled at the discretion of the staff of the event within 5 hours of the event. If the tournament is cut short, a rain-day will be set within 24 hours.

(8)   Points

Team Arrival to Compete:   The objective of the “Team arrival to Compete” points is to encourage as many anglers per team as possible to compete on a routine basis.  (up to 3 total anglers).

If a pre-registered 3-man team arrives in its entirety to fish (up to 3 pre-registered anglers), 20 points will be awarded.  (5 points per angler, plus 5 for the complete team). 

If a pre-registered 3-man team arrives with only 2 of the 3 anglers, only 15 points will be awarded (5 points per angler and 5 for the boat).

If a pre-registered two-man team arrives in its entirety, they will be awarded 15 points (5 points per angler, 5 for the complete team).

If a pre-registered two-man team arrives, with only 1 angler ready to fish, 10 points will be awarded (5 points for the angler and 5 for the boat).

If a pre-registered single angler arrives ready to compete, he will be awarded 10 points.  (5 for the angler and 5 for the boat.  A Single Angler in the singles division is defined as an individual, with a boat and gear ready to compete. 

Consecutive Team Arrival:   If a complete two or three-man angler team or a pre-registered single division angler arrives to compete and this is their second consecutive event, 25 points will be awarded.

Points per pound per event:   A rolling  5 points per pound per event will be added to a season-long cumulative points total.    Remainder decimal points (i.e., 5.3lbs) will be added to next week’s remainder decimal points.    For example, in the situation where 5.3 lbs is weighed in, 5 lbs will garner 25 points for that team.    The .3 remainder will be added to the next week’s weight.

Bonus fish:      A bonus fish is a non-walleye that can be presented at weigh-in for and additional 5pts to be added to season-long cumulative points.  5 pts.  (2 bonus fish per regular season). Only one bonus submission allowed per contest.
Biggest fish:   30 points will be added to the season long cumulative points for each biggest fish won on each event.   
The Walleye Chase Registration fee is $25 per angler per team (minimum of a two man team).
Individual competitors can also register ($25 for the Season). 
Each Contest Entry Fee is also $25 per person per event

Schedule:   There will be  6 Regular season events:   May 1st, May 22nd, June 5th, June 26th, July 5th and July 24th.

The qualifier will be August 7th.  

The Championship will be September 11th. 

                                                                   For answers to your questions email Cory Udell walleychase@gmail.com
Walleye Chase Rules
Walleye Chase Registration Form
Walleye Chase Scoresheet
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"Attention all Walleye Anglers, The NWMI Fishing Club and Warrior Lures proudly present the 2021 Walley Chase dates and locations for your prior planning.  In coordination and with the Michigan DNR Tournament Director, the list below are the competition dates and locations.  If interested, contact Cory Udell, the NWMI Fishing Club Tournament Director for registration forms and payment.

01 May 2021 - Big Platte Lake (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon). 
22 May 2021 - Lower Herring Lake (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon).
05 June 2021 - Long Lake (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon).
26 June 2021 - Lake Leelanau (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon).
10 July 2021 - Boardman Lake (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon).
24 July 2021 - Lake Bellaire (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon).
07 Aug 2021 - Tippy Dam Backwaters (Lines in at 6am, lines out at 11am, weigh in at noon).

If participation exceeds a one-day championship limit, the 7 August event will be a head to head qualifier tournament.  Winners will proceed to the Championship on 11 September 2021.  Lake To Be determined."

Walleye Chase Registration

Today (Saturday, 10 July) The Walleye Chase on Bear Lake was an excellent event.  Team Moxie came in first with an almost 12lb bag.  Team Patches made its first appearance strong with almost 9lbs.  Thanks to all who showed up for the event.  We will see you at the next one in Bellaire on Lake Bellaire. 

                               Current Point Satnadings

     Team Dennis the Menace –    335 points
     Team Moxie –                           250 points
     Team Wifes –                           245 points

     Team Gravel Lizard –              180 points
     Team Patches –                         60 points  
     Team Twisted Dipsy –               30 points
     Team “The Reel People” –        20 points                            
     Team Eyelander –                     20 points            

Walleye Chase Past Event Results
Team Moxie
Team Patches