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Our Mobile Kids’s Trout Pond was a big hit at the Expo Center in Flint yesterday.  Over 100 kids on 100 rainbows.  Everything went great.  Pond didn’t leak at all (thanks to EPI for the new liner!), water arrived on time and cold, fish arrived on time with zero casualties (thanks Clayton!), the kids streamed in at a steady rate all day/evening.  The best part this year was the trout bite lasted all day right up until we tore down. 
We really got a huge push from Clayton Gilde, Ana Birdsell, Chuck Russo, and Bob Samuels for the hard labor, and it was hard labor at times and a long day.  These guys were great and they made the event very smooth and fun.  We laughed all day and then gutted out the tear down.  So much thanks to all and I hope we didn’t burn you out.  All other trout pond events are easy after this one. 
A Thank you goes out to the Atlas Fire Department for delivering us fresh cold water for the Trout tank, great job fellas, this event couldn't happen without your generosity,..Thanks!
And a big thanks goes out to Safari Club International for having us back down there.  Mike Dickerson and John Kupiak provided us with great hotel rooms and catered meals and the accommodations were fantastic.  
Here are some memories made and a quick start for our next generation of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen.
Expo Center in Flint
Expo Center in Flint March 9, 2024
Day 1 at the National Trout Festival, it started out faster than a cormorant on freshly stocked fish in shallow water, but thankfully we had a hefty helping of Club volunteers today, the rainbow trout were being caught at lightning speed by eager kids wanting to try their luck. We had 174 kids stop by today and most kids caught their fish, many returned them to the pond while others chose to take them home for a tasty meal. We would like to thank today's volunteers:
Maxine Marciniak
Matt Marciniak
Dionne  Beelman
Andy Fitzhugh
Bob Samuel
Jerry Hesch
Becky Danes
Jim Nurnberger
John Truchan
John Knapp
Tim Hossack and
Mike Radcliffe
And the parade float driver Tom Pecar
Tomorrow evening we will post a HUGE thank you to all of the  Sponsor and those who are/were responsible to make this fantastic community event possible.
That is a wrap for us and a new record for the 2024 National Trout Festival.  We ushered 374 kids through our Kids' Mobile Fishing Pond and it was bigger and better than ever.  We proved that "caught and released trout" will bite again after being caught. 
With 280 total trout in the water and only XX left over, we know the numbers point to continuously hungry and biting fish.  
The kid's were so much fun.  Parent, Grandparents, and the huge inner circle that brought all those kids out need to be thanked.  We all enjoyed that and look forward to watching those growing up so fast. 
We have a long list of people and local businesses to thank for this.  Volunteers and donations run this pond.  We all know what we would be missing without everyone's' contributions. First let's Thank this year's Sponsors:
Saginaw Bay Walleye Club
Patton Welding
Kalkaska Animal Hospital
Kuhns Electric
M + M  Sports Center
Kalkaska Car Wash
Vermeer Equipment
258 Tire
Hague Equipment
Flannery Machine + Tool
Matt's Underground
Country Store
Ages Gas
Nick's Auto Sales
Dewey Insurance
Birch Street Dental
Target Oil Tools
Howard's Garage
Kiss Carpets
Car Quest (Kalkaska)
Todd's Welding Service
Kalkaska Window and Glass
Arrow Graphics & Design
Platinum Auto Body
Michigan Cat
RL Morris  Construction
Family Fare (Kalkaska) Ice
Buc's Bait (all the live bait and donation)
Jack's Sport Shop
A & M baits for hauling the Trout
Now to Saturdays volunteers:
Harold Meeuwes
Kyle Charnes
Matt Tallman
Tom Brown
Andy Fitzhugh
Eugene Szymehack
John Ratcliffe
Dave Chevalier
Maxine Marciniak
Matt Marciniak
Tim Hossack and
Mike Radcliffe
And we most certainly must Thank the individuals behind this year's parade float:
Tom Pecar and Brenda Mulder.
A lastly a HUGE shout out to Kalkaska high school and Rhonda Wurtz for having this year's Foriegn Exchange students help us at the pond and walk in the parade handing out candy, GREAT KIDS for sure:
Gumuda from Mongolia
Georgia from Italy
Angela from Spain
Kohki from Japan
Milena from Brazil
Lily from Japan
Today a bunch of Club Members gave great instruction on knot tying and casting for Discovery Pier Day.  Right around 60 kids went through the classes and then went out on the pier for live action on Rock Bass and a few more species.   Great thanks to Spanky, Loren, Kile, Sean, Dionne, and Tom. 
Get involved, have fun, become a member.