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2021 Cisco in the Crisco
On 8 May, The NWMI Fishing Club held the "Cisco in the Crisco Competition" on East Grand Traverse Bay.  Overall, the size and numbers were noticeably down from the last few contests we have hosted on East Bay.  Water is still cold (41-43 degrees) and no real big pods were located.  While cleaning them, they were full of small alewife (1.5"-2").  Good to see that bait, troubling to see the Ciscos loaded with them.

A great fish fry was served up and good payouts were handed out with the trophy for the well known Cisco Kid... Pete Povolo. 

1st place combined bag (1-man Ciscol limit plus a 1-man lake trout limit) total weight 24lbs.
2nd place combined bag was 16lbs
3rd place combined bag was 8lbs

1st heaviest cisco only bag (Champion) was 16lbs

The largest Laker side bet option winnier was 3.8lbs.  There were heavier lakers caught, but those fish were not part of the sid bet option, so did not recieive a payout. 

After the wind calmed and the sun came out, it made for a nice morning.  Cold start however.

Thanks for all attending.