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Updated 1/1/2022
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Important info for those with the Precision trolling Data app. This was on their Facebook Page.

Release V5.0.121 of the Precision Trolling Data app is available for both platforms.  You must upgrade to this release prior to Feb. 1, 2021 in order for the store page to continue to work. If you do not upgrade the PTD app, you won’t be able to restore purchases, or get updates from the store page. 
IOS users (iPhone) please note that you need to update your phone/device to iOS 9 or above in order to install the Precision Trolling Data V5.0.121 app.  If your currently using a device with an old version of IOS, it will continue to work, however you won’t be able to restore purchases, or get updates from the store page.  Apple has dropped support for anything less than iOS 9 and therefore we were forced to comply.
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NWMI Fishing Club members, as you know from our Winter Newsletter, our club has participated in advising the Coalition to Protect Michigan Resources (CPMR) to be the voice of the recreational and charter fishing community for the NW part of the state. 

The CPMR is the only recreational and charter boat advocate allowed in the actual federal court setting while these negotiations are ongoing. 

The CPMR has posted an update to inform all recreational and charter boat fisherman of the latest status. 

Here is the link  http://protectmiresources.com/january-12th-update/

January 12th Update
UPDATE: Current Negotiations with Michigan’s Tribes- Some Background This is the first in a series of updates that we will be posting to let those interested in the sport and commercial fish…

If you are not a member of the CPMR and feel that a balanced healthy fishery is something you support please use the PayPal function on the CPMR website to help with lawyer fees, transportation and staffing at the CPMR. 

Thanks all

NWMI Fishing Club Board of Directors